Hanna Psomoulis

Hanna Psomoulis
Law Student
Hanna is a final year law student who has assisted the lawyers at Scanlan Carroll since early 2021.

Hanna currently works under the supervision of the partners and has a keen interest in estate planning, probate, commercial and family law.

Hanna prides herself in her client-centred approach to practice and seeks to ensure that every client, in every matter, is kept at the core of every decision – and importantly, that the clients feel this is the case.

Being the first generation of her family to be born in Australia, Hanna is passionate about demystifying the often confusing legal system and believes that the legal profession is duty bound to ensure that the system can be, and is fully understood by those who turn to it for assistance.

Commercial Law
Probate and Estate Administration
Probate Litigation (testator family maintenance claims)
Estate Planning
Family Law