When separated parents disagree about vaccinations

Posted on January 13, 2022

Partner and Family Law Accredited Specialist, Carol Pagès, contributed to a 9Honey article regarding this topic:

If parents are unable to reach an agreement on whether to immunise their children, there is a legal framework to assist, but before going to court, separated parents must participate in mediation to try to reach an agreement between themselves first, says Pages.

“Local family relationships centres are able to assist, or there are also private Family Dispute Resolution practitioners who can also help,” she says.

“It would be advisable for the parties to obtain medical information, specific to their child, about the risks v benefits of the vaccine for their child. This can be obtained by their GP, or paediatrician, or treating specialist where the child has a pre-existing medical condition.”

If no agreement can be reached, this information would be reviewed by the Family Court in making its decision.

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