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Amanda Harrington
Hanna Psomoulis

Entering into a commercial or retail lease can be a big commitment.

Our experienced lawyers understand the need for attention to detail and can assist both landlords and tenants in all aspects of the retail and commercial leasing process. This includes:

  • drafting a new lease;
  • reviewing an existing lease;
  • rent review advice;
  • lease default;
  • make good obligations
  • lease assignments and variations; and
  • lease litigation.

Our lawyers are experienced negotiators, who have been involved in lease disputes and experienced success in the High Court of Australia regarding tenants make good obligations. Our team will ensure your lease reflects your long-term needs and protects you when it’s time to make good. Along the way, our lawyers will explain your rights and obligations under the lease so that you are well-informed and can focus on the success of your business going forward.